Start the Conversation

Start with a conversation, leave with a plan.

When life knocks you down, One Stop Talk picks you up.

You can instantly connect with a registered therapist and co-develop a plan together to move forward and feel better.

Diverse group of youth sitting outside. One smiles, while another looks pensive and concerned.

Free counselling
(no appointment required)

Registered, culturally diverse

Connection to
ongoing local support

Confidential and
culturally safe

Feeling isolated, overwhelmed, down or bullied?

If you’re within 18 years of age concerned about a young person who is, we can help you and connect you to local ongoing supports, if needed.

Life can already be challenging enough without having to find or wait for mental health support. One Stop Talk is a free service that immediately connects you to a registered therapist from our network of community-based child, youth and family mental health agencies across Ontario.

Mental health affects us all. And everyone needs a hand from time to time. No matter your race, orientation, origin or identity, if you’re struggling, we’re here for you. No issue is too big or small, if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.