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When it feels like there’s no clear path forward, we’ll light the way.

More than ever, children and youth are facing increasingly difficult mental health challenges. The help can’t come quick enough.

So, we created One Stop Talk. Our free service provides immediate access to mental health services, when they’re needed, wherever they’re needed. We provide culturally safe and appropriate support to every corner of the province. Our certified therapists’ experiences and backgrounds are as diverse as the communities they support.

Any child or young person from 0 to 17 years of age can use One Stop Talk and get connected to ongoing supports, if needed. Parents/caregivers are welcome to connect to the service with their child to ensure access.

The One Stop Talk chat is available in English and French.  If neither of these is your preferred language, you can also request  an interpreter before connecting with our therapists. Please have a friend or family member assist you through the chat until you connect with a therapist who will assist you with interpretation support.

No matter your race, orientation, origin or identity, if you’re struggling, we’re here for you. No issue is too big or small, if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

If you are an caregiver, parent or adult looking for support for yourself, please click here to view some resources.

One Stop Talk connects you with a team of therapists who are registered health professionals who can provide psychotherapy services. Our therapists have specialized training in the single session model and receive regular clinical supervision.

One Stop Talk also has a community of practice, dedicated to continuous quality improvements and skill development of the team.

In 2020, facing an ongoing mental health crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, waitlists for mental health counselling and clinical support for children, youth and their families in Ontario, continued to grow.

It was during this time that provincial Lead Agency Consortium (LAC) group of 31 collaborating organizations came together and developed One Stop Talk/Parlons maintenant (OST/PM). This group conceived a big, bold idea to create a virtual counselling service for young people where they could receive mental health support wherever they may be. At full implementation, OST/PM provides immediate access to clinical excellence in brief services anywhere in Ontario. It also supports clients and families in navigating to the most appropriate agency and service model, should that be required. Ultimately, OST/PM delivers a provincial, scalable, consistent approach to service delivery while acting as a welcoming front door to child and youth mental health in Ontario.

This transformational initiative, funded by the Ministry of Health, aligns with the government’s pillars of The Roadmap to Wellness. The report also supports the government’s initiatives to develop a comprehensive and connected mental health and addictions system that ensures Ontarians receive the right level of care when and where they need it.

“One Stop Talk is a good place to start your mental health journey and your go-to virtual therapy service in the province.”


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Services are provided through a growing network of connected infant, child and youth mental health agencies across Ontario. To support the diverse needs and lived experiences of our clientele, our roster of partners is always growing.

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